EN 1317 Safety

Tested safety is what you expect from a modern vehicle restraint system. Tested absorbtion and sound insulation is what you require from a noise barrier. The DB LSW series combines both in the most versatile way.

  • the DB LSW-R is designed for the roadside  H2 | W4 | ASI B
  • the DB LSW-M is designed for the median  H4b | W5 | ASI B

For DELTABLOC® the CE-certification is obligatory, no matter if it is concerning EN 1317 safety or EN 14388 acoustics.

Crash tested according to EN 1317

The demands on vehicle restraint systems are precisely defined in EN 1317. The DELTABLOC® integrated noise barriers have been assessed by independent bodies and passed the tests for containment Level H2 & H4b.

  • high passenger safety
  • highest containment for reliable breakthrough protection
  • noise barrier wall resists impact without any considerable damage



Unique mode of operation

The DB LSW series consists of a T-shaped wall element and New Jersey-profiled safety barriers, which sit on its traffic-facing footplate. Both system parts act as independent chains linked to each other via the proven DELTABLOC® couplings.


If a small passenger car impacts the integrated noise barrier, the first chain is active. The New Jersey barrier redirects the car, and due to its flexibility can provide a soft impact behavior at ASI B. As soon as the impact energy exceeds a certain limit, the second chain becomes effective. Therefore a breakthrough of heavy vehicles is prevented by activation of both systems. The result of this unique mode of operation can be seen in the test reports – performance class H2 | W4 | ASI B and H4b | W5 | ASI B.

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