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Noise Barriers Median & Roadside

    Median & Roadside

    Optimized for each application

    Noise and safety aspects are different in the median and on the roadside. Therefore we developed and crash-tested dedicated systems for each individual application. Summarising the features of both systems, the LSW series shows its true versatility.   

    • DB 100 LSW-M for the median
    • DB 80 LSW-R for the roadside

    Choose the right product for the most efficient noise protection in traffic safety. 

    DB 100 LSW-M for the median

    The DB 100 LSW-M is characterised by its symmetrical design. It can be applied as single row safety barrier in the central reserve up to containment level H4b. Due to its extendable design it comes in different heights up to 450cm - fully CE certified.

    • ultimate breakthrough prevention
    • ultimate protection against detached truckload
    • noise absorption close to the fast lane

    DB 100 LSW-M datasheet 

    DB 80 LSW-R for the roadside

    The asymmetrical DB 80 LSW-R is especially designed for the roadside. It can be installed on compacted gravel and can withstand high windloads - eventhough it is a free-standing wall. It comes in lengths of 6m providing fast installation rates.

    • no foundation needed
    • fast and efficient installation

    DB 80 LSW-R datasheet 



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