Impact forces

The DELTABLOC® Bridge Barriers have been tested extensively to prove their superior performance for safeguarding bridges. At the obligatory EN 1317 full-scale crash tests we have measured the impact forces and stress to the bridge structure under real impact conditions, thus providing bridge engineers important information for the designing and dimensioning of bridges.

  • no momentum to the bridge edge beam with the flexible AS-R family
  • no barrier deflection at acceptable impact forces with the DB 80AS-A

The AS-R family with the DELTABLOC® stiffening plate

These bridge barriers are designed to absorb most of the impact energy within the chain of elements. They are not anchored directly to the bridge deck, and thus the impact stress to the bridge structure is reduced to a minimum.

The DB 80AS-A with the DELTABLOC® absorptionlink

The DB 80AS-A is anchored onto the plinth or the edge beam at the outer edge of the bridge. The patented AbsorptionLink technology ensures a secure fixation even on heavy impacts.