The DB "2-in-1" Method

DELTABLOC® offers several barrier types for the median designed and tested for the DB "2-in-1” construction method. These barriers can be used temporary and permanent for different projects phases.

  • 1st Phase - temporary protection of the median workzone
  • 2nd Phase - permanent protection of the median

In case the highway needs refurbishment after years the barriers can be reused again and go back in the circle as temporary workzone protection and so on.

first phase

workzone protection

All DB "2-in-1" barriers are crash-tested for temporary or normal containment levels - typically T3 and N2. Because these barriers will be finally placed as permanent barrier in the median, a significant reduction of project costs can be achieved.

  • no rental costs for temporary workzone barriers
  • no transportation cost back to rental barrier stock


second phase

permanent median protection

Because all DB "2-in-1" barriers are designed and dimensioned for permanent application they are tested for high containment levels such as H2 and H4b. After their temporary use, for the workzone protection, they are put into their final position. Depending on the barrier type they remain free standing or will be anchored.

  • no delivery costs as the barrier is already on site
  • installation crew just repositions the barrier

DELTABLOC® DB "2-in-1" barriers

The smart solution for lowest project costs.
Find the suitable DB "2-in-1" barrier for your Job.

DB 80 - H2 | W5 | ASI B & N2 | W4 | ASI B 
DB 80F - H2 | W3 | ASI B & T3 | W2 | ASI A
DB 80E - H2 | W1 | ASI B & N2 | W3 | ASI B
DB 100S - H4b | W7 | ASI A, H2 | W5 | ASI A & N2 | W3 | ASI A