Special Applications

Especially in refurbishment or lane widening projects the safety barrier must deal with special challenges. Through years of experience on major road projects worldwide DELTABLOC® offers already numerous standard solutions when others are still fishing for ideas.

  • SafeGate ECP emergency crossing points for all DELTABLOC® Median Barriers
  • light post integration for both, precast and in-situ median
  • bespoke precast elements for the integration of foundations or tunnel portals

The SafeGate opens in minutes

In case of emergency or regular maintenance it might be necessary to open the median in minutes. Now two people can move 12m of concrete median precast barriers in less than 15 minutes without heavy tools. The SafeGate option is available for all precast median barriers – certified for H2 and H4b.

  • open the median in minutes
  • no tools required
  • certified for H2 and H4b


Integrate the light pole

Sometimes it is necessary to have light posts in the median. If there is not enough room for a two-row setup of barriers the light pole can be integrated in the barrier.

  • designed to resist heavy impacts up to H4b
  • designed for acceptable impact severity ASI B
  • reliable fixation to deal with heavy wind loads

Bespoke Precast elements

Often median barriers must connect into vertical flat wall faces such as tunnel portals or impactable pier foundations. To create a smooth transition from the original barrier profile to the given geometry DELTABLOC® uses enhanced precast concrete production methods and a great pool of dedicated moulds.

  • high quality precast production
  • uncomplicated delivery and installation
  • time saving