Transitions in the median

To realise a seamless safety concept in the median it is necessary to connect different barrier types with tested and approved transitions.

The following barrier types typically interact in the median:

  • median barriers for long stretches to separate the carriageways
  • existing barriers to be connected to DELTABLOC® median barriers (e.g. BBS Barriers (Britpave) to DB-series)
  • obstacle protection barriers to pass obstructions like bridge piers
  • MCP barriers for maintenance crossing points to realise cost efficient openings for a temporary change of the traffic flow
  • ECP barriers for emergency crossing points to open the median in minutes
  • bridge barriers to overpass other roads, railways or obstacles


With the SafeLink® series and EURO-RACCORD® series you can safely and soundly connect all different types of barriers. Transfer between DELTABLOC® In-situ and Precast Barriers and link up to numerous types of steel guardrails – reliably with DELTABLOC® Transitions.

The SafeLink® series connects precast barriers to any other barrier types.
The EURO-RACCORD® series connects in-situ barriers to steel guardrails.